Friday, 27 January 2012

End to a good trip...

With Temperatures rising just above zero we decided to head into Freissinieres today, with lots of mixed lines and Ice routes to choose from we were shore to get something done. When we arrived most of the Ice lines were very thin and running with water, we managed to find a little area that still had some ice and also a nice little mixed line. we warmed up on a nice little line called "Pistoleros" which was pretty easy, Paul seconded on up with the hope of having a go at it on the lead, but when lowering off a chandelier  broke off from above and struck his knee, he sustained a nasty little cut to the lower knee which would be the end of his climbing for the day. Next up I jumped on a nice little mixed line called "Le schtroumpf" that Will and Dan had been trying earlier on in the day, the climbing was pretty cool ending on a nice ice pillar, I took a little fall on it but after a few seconds managed to complete the route, there was a really nice pillar to our left that wasn't quite touching down but with it looking so nice we decided to give it a go, Myself and Dan both managed to get the rote lead and Will followed on up on a second, although really wet it was still a nice climb, with the sun getting warmer we decided to call it a day.

another good day on the Ice and the End to a good Ice climbing trip, Now the the long drive back home tonight to see my beautiful girls, really looking forward to seeing them..

Big thanks to all the guys this week for great laugh and also Dave at peglers for really good trip.

Me on Pitch 1 of "Pistoleros"

Will Attempting "Le schtroumph"

Me on the Mixed line of
"Le schtroumph"

Will Attempting "Le schtroumph"

Dan Attempting "Le schtroumph"

Will Attempting "Le schtroumph"

Boot modifications, time for some new boots
I think...
Paul climbing before his accident.

Me on "Grise mine"
Me on the nice piller of "Grise mine"

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