Saturday, 29 September 2012

Where the Trail ends

This is amazing.....

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Blandford Weasel

I headed into Portland again yesterday to meet up with Rob, this time I was opting to clip some bolts rather than usual days bouldering, I also had my two little ones with me to keep us amused for the day.
After warming up I jumped on the technical "Tipping the scales" 7a, this route being very technical and crimpy was certainly going to be a test piece for me. i played for a while and managed to link up all the moves other than one, with the sun shining hard and constant crimping the skin on the tips of my fingers was slowly wearing down. Rob had a little play and being super strong on the crimps managed his redpoint attempt, I did have another go on this route towards the end of the day and managed to work out the stuck move but feeling tired decided to leave the redpoint attempt until next visit.
Rob also managed to send another good 7a called "The vulcanites". i had a go too but needed to rest due to tiredness, pretty sure i can get this next go.
We ended up spending the rest of the day playing on the tough 7b "The blanford Weasel". this was very enjoyable but a really powerful crux, lots of different methods tried but we were still unable to unlock it, i found a way that worked for me but hard and still a little out of reach, i guess a project for the future.

I was gonna head out again today but weather has turned nasty so I guess a day in front of the telly with my girls is in line... perfect Sunday id say...

Soloing bottom section of " Tipping the scales"


Rob moving into the crux of "The blandford weasel"

cold weather and friction is what we need

Close to reaching a good hold through the crux of " Blandford Weasel"

Rob on "The Vulcanites"

"The Vucanites" 7a

Whats she up to...

The sign of tiredness and old age.

Playing games...

Saturday, 15 September 2012

A days climbing with my girls...

Me and my girls headed to portland today to do some climbing, it was alisha's 9th birthday a few days ago and we decided to have a day out together climbing to celebrate, we headed to the cuttings so the girls could get to grips with some of the easier bolted lines, Alisha enjoyed a few of the 4+ routes and managed them easily. It was also amazing to finally get Angel into a harness and see her on rock for the first time.. once they were worn out i dragged the bouldering mats out and headed to the new cuttins area to play on some of the highball problems, i had a look at Subyouth V6+, i managed most of the moves but due to the heat was unable to get it clean, I did mange to solo climb the unworthy, Vulcanites direct V4 and the slopey Firestarter V5..
Overall a great day with my girls and its so nice to see them enjoying the outdoors.....

Amazing day with my girls...

my angels ready for action... angel eating as usual.

Alisha climbing magical mysery tour 4+

Angels first ever sport route

Air time...

Happy Girl, happy daddy..

Me on the highball unworthy  6c

Highball fun

Firestarter V5

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Spartanrace warm up

A few months back I heard a Friend talking about this tough race that he had entered, It sounded really good, a fun with a 5k run involved with a large number of obstacles, dangers and gladiators standing in your way, me being me wanted a piece of the action, I managed to rope a few of the lads from work to get involved, the training and banter began. The weeks passed and it was finally upon us, the drive up north to Birmingham was full of excitement and nerves as to what would stand in our way. We arrived and the atsmosphere was crazy, lots of very fit warriors, big obstacles, loud music and crazy spartan quads and hummers driving around.
We warmed up and prepared ourselves for the challenge, are time arrived and we were off, 500 warriors all trying to test the ability and strength, without going into it too much the race involved, fire jumping, river traversing, swimming in muddy dirty water, ladder and rope climbing, bard wire, ice crawling, climbing wall, spear throwing and big arse Spartans.
We all managed to make good time and cross the finish line to collect our medals, it was a great feeling but i wanted more and a tougher challenge, i have now signed up and entered the Spartan beast race in November, the same type of race but this one covers 13 miles... i guess i better start doing some serious training...

Me in the Ice Crawl..

Simon & Neil in the Ice Crawl

Me and Simon finishing off the mile river traverse

Dan truimphing to the finish line
Climb if you will, but remember that courage and strength are
naught without prudence, and that a momentary negliance may destroy the happiness of a lifetime. Do nothing in haste; Look well to each step; and from the beginning think what may be the end