Sunday, 9 September 2012

Spartanrace warm up

A few months back I heard a Friend talking about this tough race that he had entered, It sounded really good, a fun with a 5k run involved with a large number of obstacles, dangers and gladiators standing in your way, me being me wanted a piece of the action, I managed to rope a few of the lads from work to get involved, the training and banter began. The weeks passed and it was finally upon us, the drive up north to Birmingham was full of excitement and nerves as to what would stand in our way. We arrived and the atsmosphere was crazy, lots of very fit warriors, big obstacles, loud music and crazy spartan quads and hummers driving around.
We warmed up and prepared ourselves for the challenge, are time arrived and we were off, 500 warriors all trying to test the ability and strength, without going into it too much the race involved, fire jumping, river traversing, swimming in muddy dirty water, ladder and rope climbing, bard wire, ice crawling, climbing wall, spear throwing and big arse Spartans.
We all managed to make good time and cross the finish line to collect our medals, it was a great feeling but i wanted more and a tougher challenge, i have now signed up and entered the Spartan beast race in November, the same type of race but this one covers 13 miles... i guess i better start doing some serious training...

Me in the Ice Crawl..

Simon & Neil in the Ice Crawl

Me and Simon finishing off the mile river traverse

Dan truimphing to the finish line

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