Saturday, 15 September 2012

A days climbing with my girls...

Me and my girls headed to portland today to do some climbing, it was alisha's 9th birthday a few days ago and we decided to have a day out together climbing to celebrate, we headed to the cuttings so the girls could get to grips with some of the easier bolted lines, Alisha enjoyed a few of the 4+ routes and managed them easily. It was also amazing to finally get Angel into a harness and see her on rock for the first time.. once they were worn out i dragged the bouldering mats out and headed to the new cuttins area to play on some of the highball problems, i had a look at Subyouth V6+, i managed most of the moves but due to the heat was unable to get it clean, I did mange to solo climb the unworthy, Vulcanites direct V4 and the slopey Firestarter V5..
Overall a great day with my girls and its so nice to see them enjoying the outdoors.....

Amazing day with my girls...

my angels ready for action... angel eating as usual.

Alisha climbing magical mysery tour 4+

Angels first ever sport route

Air time...

Happy Girl, happy daddy..

Me on the highball unworthy  6c

Highball fun

Firestarter V5

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