Tuesday, 26 March 2013

twitchy fingers...

With weather being on the down side the last couple of weeks I havent had much to write about, The majority of my climbing and training as been taking place at the wall or down at my gym other than the regular run through the woods, Ive also been hitting the versu climber hard the last couple of weeks trying to get up to full fitness ready for chamonix.
A last minute training session on the tools last night with Julian at craggy was good, felt pretty strong and very psyched to be heading to the mountains friday.
Current conditions in Chamonix are not great at the moment, there are reports of some of the lines on the east face of the Tacul and Lachenel being climbed but due to the amount of powder around the walk ins are at there hardest.
Ive decided to packed my skis just incas so hopefully these will help, lets keep our fingers crossed that weather settles and I get a chance to at least attempt one of routes on the list.

Hopefully the next post will be some photos and news of a climb completed....

Sunday, 10 March 2013

The thought was there...

After a good session mid week I decided to head in to the cutting again today in the hope the rain would stop for a few hours so I could jump on my latest project.. After playing on a route there my last two visits and coming close i wanted to get back, was a little shocked at finding out the routes actually a V11 called "my chemical romance", was pretty psyched as actually think i can do this..
Unfortunately weather won today so i only managed the walk in, decided to stack it and head to craggy Guilford instead for a training session which went pretty well... followed by a couple of hours in the gym..

Thursday, 7 March 2013


On many occasions I’ve been asked why I climb, what’s the point, why put yourself in so much danger and risk everything just to stand at the top of a route for five minutes before heading on back down.

Sometimes I stop to think if I know the answer I don’t think I do, I guess you could ask the same question to footballer on what’s the point in kicking a piece of leather around a field for 90 minutes and he would probably reply with he doesn’t know..
There have been times when ive been plodding up a large steep snow slope or in a sticky situation half way up a tough route ive thought to myself what the hell am I doing here.. I’m mad, why?? Then I just continue without thinking about it and move on.
There are many amazing moments in the mountains or on a route, the silence, the sound of the crisp frozen ground beneath my crampons, the size and scale and natural beauty of my surroundings compared to little old me and general day to day life, The great sense of freedom I get and the fact all life’s worries and concerns leave my head and the only thing I see is beauty.. There are hundreds of reasons but I guess there all different to each individual.
sometimes I wish to myself that I could let others that haven’t experienced it see through my eyes at the things ive seen, then they may understand the reasons why I climb and visit the mountains, I guess everyone has different views on life and what they want to achieve and I find pushing myself to the limit of my ability to achieve something many think is impossible is what makes me complete.
I guess I also get a good feeling of feeling like I am somebody different, rather than the ordinary everyday person, I like to inspire others with my stories and photos I get from climbs, I like showing people that anything is possible when you can find the courage to step outside your comfort zone and take that extra step.

I have lots of adventures planned this year and hope to push myself and become a better person, I want to inspire and share my passion with others and show them that if they want something and there willing to put the work in, anything is possible….

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Memory Shots...

With a few hrs spare today i looked back through some of the images ive captured from the last couple of years on my adventures, reminded me of some amazing times and climbs ive done with good freinds in amazing places, lets hope this year brings many more amazing adventures.. below are a few that always make me smile... Enjoy :-)

Looking for New routes in Kandersteg..

midi Arete - Chamonix

Rob Gibson climbing at Battleship Portland

The magical three monts and the Auguille de Midi

Valle Blance

The Dru

The rebuffet route.. Storm Epic

Mittilegi Ridge Eiger

Auguille de Tour - Chamonix

Kat Swalling climbing Pointe Lachenel

Midi Plan Traverse

Forbes Arete Bivi

Cosmiques Arete

Eiger Summit ridge

Cosmiques Arete crux

Eiger Descent

My First Wi6

Rob Gibson Aka Ice God

Wi6 ice in Keintel

Rob on the classic Pink Panther M10

The Matterhorn

Midi Plan Traverse

Scott Swalling taking the lob on M8

Will Hardy in the Peak

The Midi Plan Traverse


New routing in Kandersteg.. Great day out...

Climb if you will, but remember that courage and strength are
naught without prudence, and that a momentary negliance may destroy the happiness of a lifetime. Do nothing in haste; Look well to each step; and from the beginning think what may be the end