Saturday, 2 March 2013

Memory Shots...

With a few hrs spare today i looked back through some of the images ive captured from the last couple of years on my adventures, reminded me of some amazing times and climbs ive done with good freinds in amazing places, lets hope this year brings many more amazing adventures.. below are a few that always make me smile... Enjoy :-)

Looking for New routes in Kandersteg..

midi Arete - Chamonix

Rob Gibson climbing at Battleship Portland

The magical three monts and the Auguille de Midi

Valle Blance

The Dru

The rebuffet route.. Storm Epic

Mittilegi Ridge Eiger

Auguille de Tour - Chamonix

Kat Swalling climbing Pointe Lachenel

Midi Plan Traverse

Forbes Arete Bivi

Cosmiques Arete

Eiger Summit ridge

Cosmiques Arete crux

Eiger Descent

My First Wi6

Rob Gibson Aka Ice God

Wi6 ice in Keintel

Rob on the classic Pink Panther M10

The Matterhorn

Midi Plan Traverse

Scott Swalling taking the lob on M8

Will Hardy in the Peak

The Midi Plan Traverse


New routing in Kandersteg.. Great day out...

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