Friday, 22 February 2013

Declassified sent!!

Temperatures today were below freezing but myself, Phil and Alisha were keen to get out and climb, we headed into the boulderfeild with not much enthusiasm due to the cold, it took a while to warm up so we decided to head straight around to Declassified, I had a few goes and my fingers were so numb, it was hard to tell if you actually holding the holds, after a few attempts I went for it, and finally after three trips to the boulderfeild I manged to latch the last hold and send the route, A happy man as this was a test for me and one of the reasons I've been training so hard.
We decided to head on up to new cuttings area to look at Guy Fawkes.. This is the hardest recorded problem on the island at V11 so it wasn't going to be easy, Phil had been working it for a few weeks now and was starting to come close, He tried a few times but due to just getting over a cold and the numbness of finger tips he didn't quite latch the last hold of the crux section..
I had a look at gunpowder plot and decided to have a go, surprisingly I manged to flash the route and to be honest it didn't feel that hard for V5.
With our bodies frozen and poor Alisha looking like a block of ice we decided to call it a day, My next project and session will be spent on lightning strike, after trying the starting moves I'm pretty keen to spend some time on it and hopefully tick one of the classics of the boulderfeild..
Maybe Sunday I will get Out but a few things may stop that but I'm fighting keen and ready to crank.

Declassified V7

Declassified V7

Phil close to sending Guy Fawkes V11

Phil Belcher on Death of the kings V7

Myself onsighting Gunpowder plot V5

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