Sunday, 17 February 2013

And it continues....

I was hoping to put Declassified to bed today but it had answers for me and left me cut, aching and even more determined to send this route, after many attempts and falling on the last hold i still didn't manage to send the route...

Myself, Paul and Alisha headed in to Portland again, weather was perfect and we were all pretty psyched to get shit done, we warmed up on some easy grade routes and watch Alisha holding crimps barely noticeable, we then made our way over to Declassified where the games began, i nearly managed to send it first go but slipped going for the last hold, after many attempts, rests and lots of skin and blood drawn i was empty and getting angry and frustrated, Paul had a play and it didn't take long for him to realise how hard it was, we decided to move on so Paul could try harmeggeddon, tired and feeling the strain Paul was unable to send it, he did make good progress though and I'm sure with a fresh set of arms he will send it soon..
Paul done some filming today on the GoPro so looking forward to seeing what he came up with once edited, A good week of training ahead and planning my rest correctly should hopefully see more steps in the right direction.. and hopefully to tick on Declassified.


Paul on Harmageddon V4

Declassified V7

Declassified V7

Feeling the strain

Ma & my little Alisha

Paul showing the new BOING Bracelet..

Alisha Crimping Hard

Warming up

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