Friday, 13 April 2012

Kinda Enjoying this...

I headed to the Snowdome again last night for another lesson to improve on my Skiing technique before the big trip, I was pretty excited at trying the new movement Jams out and my new Black Diamond Qaudrant boots. Anyway I geared up looking around for the instructor for the night, there was a fairly old guy sat next to me putting his gear on too, I was thinking he must be doing the same lesson as me, he turned to me and said are you here for the training, yes mate, well I'm your instructor and its just me and you.... Happy days, Ive payed to be part of a group lesson and amazingly got a three hour one on one session. Anyway I explained my motives and my goals and where I needed to be, His face when I mentioned that in six weeks I would be in one of the harshest environments in the world was a true picture of amazement and he gave me that look of "are you mad mate".
We made it onto the slopes and clipped into the skis, and onto the lift we went, I asked if I could stick on the low slope for a while to find my feet again, to be honest I was a little nervous and tense, but after a few runs I started to relax and feel comfortable with my turns, Ive got to say the Instructor was pretty cool and he new exactly where I was going wrong and helped me correct my habits quickly. After around an hour I was totally in control of my skiing and could turn and go where i wanted and has fast has I wanted.... wooo hooo I was buzzing. then bang he hit me with it, right now we are going on there, pointing over towards the main steep freestyle slope. OK I said with a little gulp in my mouth, anyway we made our way up on the lift, as we passed my usual get off point i knew there was no return but I had to do this, I need to be ready for Denali and I don't want to be a burden to the rest of the team when it comes to the skiing. I eventually arrived at the top of the main slope, chricky this was steep, there were lots of cool looking kids up there on their boards and skis just shooting off down and hitting the jumps. Anyway I just went for it and to be honest I found it OK, a little different with the turning but after a few runs it was fine and I even managed to somehow hit one of the jumps,  (not meaning too) but I did land it and stay upright. If you could imagine a scene from national lampoons Christmas vacation then that was me.

I spent the last hour just going from the top to the bottom getting my confidence and balance until it came natural, at the end of the night I didn't even need to think about turning, it just happened.
It was an awesome night that I really enjoyed, there was alot of progress and I was really happy with what Id achieved, I was a little concerned though that I enjoyed it a little too much because this probably means I'm going to have to fit another sport into my busy lifestyle. I will be getting down there as much as possible over the next six weeks so come Denali time I will be ready......

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