Sunday, 8 April 2012

In search of a new problem..

Headed over to the blacknor Boulder beach today with Sam and Mike in search of a three star first ascent, Sam and Mike have been visiting here for a while now putting up some nice new problems. I felt pretty tired today having climbed the last two days so didn't climb as well has i wanted but still a good day all in all, I had a play on Sam new V3 called "JC5A, a nice little problem with a dodgy top out. I managed to put up a nice new V1 called cornflakes and a high ball called "Crumbles". Not a three star route but worth climbing, easy but a crazy height and landing. ( Maybe shouldn't have with Denali less than 7 weeks away).Overall a nice chilled day out, It has allot of potential but need allot of work on making some of the landings a little safer. Over the summer I'm sure between us we will find some classic lines.
A couples of days rest with the family then I'm off to the Portland to check out some of the new problems in the southern cuttings area. (Weather Permitting!)

Mike on the second ascent of "Crumbles

Sam on his very own "Sit, Slap and Slip" V4

Me on " JC5A" V3

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  1. Hi Tommy,

    Great to see you going to Blacknor Beach and searching for new boulder problems - and it looks like you found some good ones. A few people including myself and Jimbo have spent the odd day exploring and bouldering down there over the years though documented nothing. I am looking to collate our efforts into a guide sometime and I would really like to see what you have found. Perhaps we can team up sometime? I remember seeing some amazing unclimbed lines just waiting for some attention...


    Ben Stokes


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