Saturday, 21 January 2012

Arrival in Vallouise

After a long night of driving with the comforts of redbull, monster energy and Banana cake we finally made it to our destination for the week, Vallouise situated in the Ecrins massif is home to some of Europe's best ice falls and we have 7 long days to tackle has much has we can. We arrived today around 14:00, we would have been a little earlier but we hit a blocked road and had to do a 30km detour.
As I type this I have just finished a lovely bowl of lasagna and am about to tuck into apple crumble and ice cream. we have decided to head into vallee du fournel tomorrow, I will do a little training with Paul on setting up belays and placing screws before I drag him up some routes, I'm sure if he tackles it like everything else Ive thrown at him he will be fine.

Below are a few photos from the local town that I took this evening, Oh I also managed to get myself some new ski boots today for the forthcoming Denali trip.

0300am and going strong running on Redbull

Amazing evening light in the town of Vallouise

Local Vallouise Church

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