Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Fuck that hurt....

Today we headed into fournel again to try a nice Wi5+ line called "Clair De Lunule, An early start and another waist deep in snow walk in, some hard work and 2hrs later we were at the bottom of the route, it was pretty depressing that we cut steps all the way in then got overtook at the last 50 metres, there were another two teams ahead of us now, we let them set off up the route, The climbing was really nice and steady, there were allot of hook placements where the route has been climbed a few times before, the second pitch was pretty awesome with some nice ice formations, I was really enjoying it when all of a sudden there was a shout fro above, a large amount of ice and snow started coming down the face towards me, i tucked in close to the wall has it hit me full on, it must of only lasted around 10 seconds but felt like a lifetime, I think i was shouting the words "fuck stop" eventually it did but I was left with a very sore arm, i set up a belay and bought Paul on up. Although he hadn't lead before I told him he would have to lead on past me up onto a more secure belay and out of the way of the shit coming down the face, he carried on with some good climbing and reached the belay, i then followed on up. The last pitch looked fantastic but unable to grip my left axe firmly i didn't want to attempt it, I felt pretty disappointed with myself and the fact I was letting Paul down but I guess you can win them all, we made the decision to abandon and abseil the route, we both arrived down safety.

Although I should rest I'm determined to get back up there tomorrow and either complete our route of today or look at Calins Solene.

 "Clair De Lunule" takes the left hand Ice fall moving
onto the right hand pillar thats touching down.

Me moving on up on the second pitch

Paul coming on up the second pitch

Looking down at paul on pitch 2

unknown climber on the last pitch

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