Monday, 23 January 2012


Early alarm call and a long walk in was the start of another day on the Ice, We headed into Cervieres today, after arriving at the car park and getting stuck in the car we eventually made our way up to the area. The walk in was pretty tough with the amount of snow on the trail, this meant me and Paul climbed 3.5k in thigh high snow, hard work but good training for this years exhibitions, the other teams were all skinning in so they didn't seem to have many problems with the ascent. We arrived at the crag and most of the routes were not in condition, there was one line that seemed to be formed for climbing, so we decided to jumped on it, the climbing was pretty good, a bit wet in places but no harder than a low Wi5, the other guys also climbed this route. Scott manged to climb a nice line to the right of this, a good hanging pillar graded at around Wi5, he had a little moment at the top where he and us was convinced he was taking a lob but he somehow managed to dig deep and reach the belay.

Overall a fairly good day on the Ice, not the best but still good to get out, Will and Dan did managed to get a good ski run in before we left the carpark, I managed to get a good video which i will upload when I get home. I think maybe tomorrow we will head to fournel again to try a nice route we spotted a few days ago.

Me leading on up on a nice little route

Dan on Wi5 ice

Scott on unknown Wi5

Will Hardy

Will Hardy

Me leading on up on Wi5

Paul on Unknown Wi5

scott Swalling

A nice little walk on

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