Wednesday, 25 January 2012


A good day out on Ice today, We headed back into fournel to attempt "Calins Solene" today,a single pitch 50 metre pitch of technical Wi5+ climbing, On the walk in I felt pretty tired and to be honest wasn't really feeling the buzz, The route eventually came into sight and it looked steep and extremely hard, To be honest I was a little like shit what have i let myself in for. Anyway I remembered what Gerry gore had said the night before about 60% of climbing was your confidence, Gerry had done a talk for us at our chalet the night before on all his climbing adventures, the talk was really amazing and some of the big first ascents this man has put up is unreal, routes from 8000m peaks to new lines in the alps, this really inspired me and gave me that little feeling of come on just go for it. anyway I geared up and went for it, the climbing felt hard and technical, lots of hanging chandeliers and not many places to put protection in, I moved on up getting pretty pumped, the route got you into some pretty cool positions and luckily I managed to get some good rests, I basically climbed the last 25m without any protection at all, I didn't really think about this until after clipping the tat at the top. I got a good sense of achievement at the top knowing that i didn't think I could climb this but I just got on with it and managed it within my comfort zone. I called on down to Paul to follow on up, he managed to climb it well only taking one fall, but being on a top rope this didn't matter to much, he did fall around 5m below one of his axes though, then the axe popped and fell, and some how managed to get caught on the corner of his trousers. after this he just dug deep and manged to follow on up the route.

Another great day out on the Ice, we are gonna have a chilled day at Celillac tomorrow but there are a few nice lines there so I don't quite know if we can stick to chilled. Didn't managed to get any pictures of me on the route today, other than abseiling off.

"Calins Solene" takes the left hand Ice fall

Abseiling the route a happy man

Paul, night and the Fournel valley

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