Sunday, 22 January 2012


Les Nains des Ravines

With it being Paul's first day on the Ice we decided not to push the limits too hard, we spotted a nice 300m Wi4 called "les nains des ravines" so decided this would be our route for the day, a fairly easy walk in of 45 minutes was nice too and it wasn't long before we were at the bottom of the route, we geared up and headed for the first pitch, the climbing was pretty easy, The ice was in really good condition and it was perfect for Paul's introduction to the ice, I placed allot more screws than I normally would on the idea of getting Paul to practise taking them out. anyway I arrived at the belay and Paul followed on up and didn't seem to have any troubles at all, we moved on up pitch by pitch with there being some little steep walking sections to get us to the next step. We arrived at the last pitch and the route was now getting pretty wet, we climbed on up with this probably being the best pitch. with a couple of abseils and a steady walk down a couloir we were safely back at the bottom of the route. I congratulated Paul on his first Ice route, and also mentioned that He would be having ago at leading tomorrow.
Overall a good day out on the ice, we will return to this area on Wednesday to try a nice Wi5 further up the valley and maybe look at how formed the Wi6 pillar is for a crack at it.

Me on Pitch one

Paul coming up the 5th pitch

Me on pitch 1

Paul on 4th Pitch

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