Saturday, 24 March 2012

Cassin Tools

The New X-Dream ice tool from Cassin has an innovative adjustable handle. The advantages is that the angle of the handle can be changed to make the tools more suitable for either Ice climbing or the more steeper mixed and dry tooling, or simply just to suite personal preference. You can quickly change the "Ice" to "Dry" position by turning a bolt located on the handle. The head of the tool also has a bump that can be used as a hammer, just in case.
The X-Dream can be further customized by an additional finger ledge that reduces the length of the handgrip, as well has an optional pommel that can be mounted on the shaft. Weighing in at 590 grams the X-Dream is a well balanced tool that looks like it could be comfortable to use. The price tag per axe is around £212.

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