Sunday, 11 March 2012

Toll Booth

I woke feeling pretty tired this morning and wondered whether to make to journey to Portland, but I decided to go anyway and see what happens, It would also give me chance to get Alisha out on a few problems. After warming up I managed to send Nu Breed again, no matter how many times you get on this route it always has some spice to it. I then headed on over to The toll booth boulder, I wanted to try the V7 toll booth Arete, after a few attempts I managed to send the route, I was pretty happy with this especially as the start is pretty tough and on crimps!Alisha spent some time playing on Sentinel V0 and came pretty close to getting it, think she would have  too had she not got freaked by the height. Next time girl...

Below are some pictures of the day.........

Alisha climbing "Thrupenny bits" V0

Me on "Toll booth Arete" V7

Alisha working "The sentinel" V0

Alisha working "The sentinel" V0

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