Sunday, 22 May 2011

Harriets Leaving Bouldering day....

Today a few of us met up for some bouldering to say a farewell to Harriet, Harriet has been down south for a while now trying to get used to the southern limestone but unfortunately due to work she is leaving us to go back up to the climbing capital Sheffield... I'm sure her climbing and happy smile will be missed by many.
Anyway we planned on heading into the blacknor beach area where there is allot of untouched problems just waiting for a first ascent... When we arrived the winds were way to strong for any climbing so we decided to head over to cuttings where it would be a little more sheltered..
We started off on the Tank boulder climbing all the routes on there up to the grade of V4, Sam managed to finally tick the "Worlds Best mono" V4 and I also managed to climb "Crouching start, Hidden Agenda" V4 again, the others came pretty close but didn't quite finish the problems. We then decided to move on to the cat boulder, I hadn't climbed on this rock before so I was pretty pyched to get stuck in, The top out on the problems seemed crazy, I spent allot of time working a problem called "Cat Killer". It is graded at V3, It must be the hardest V3 on the island. After about 5-6 attempts I finally managed to finish the route.
Paul and Harriet came pretty close but couldn't finish the crazy top out.
We then moved on round to the Tunnel boulders to play on the problems there, Chris managed to tick the tough V4 "in ya face" and Paul came very close to finishing his project "Streamline".
Overall a really Good days bouldering with good friends... Have to mention this even though I will probably get slapped for it but Harriet's boob also popped out to say hello to us all while she was attempting "In ya Face".. we didn't look though...

Climber on "Captain Cook" V2

Harriet working "Crouching start, hidden agenda" V4

Sam topping out on "The worlds best mono" V4

Me on "Cat Killer" V3

Harriet on "In ya Face" V4

Paul working "Streamline" V2

Harriet on "Streamline" V2

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