Sunday, 5 June 2011

Rain, Rain and Rain.

I wasnt sure whether today would happen or not after opening the curtains this morning and seeing the wet roads, the dark sky and water drops on the winscreens of the cars but I was pretty keen to get out climbing so thought I would make to journey down to swanage in any case. The plan today to was to head down to Flake ledge at swanage with paul to get some more training in with him before we head out to the alps next weekend, We had also planned to meet my other friend paul and some other guys down there. I arrived at the carpark and the sky didnt look to bad however the wind had picked up and I was a little concearned at climbing down on the sea cliffs with the waves splashing in around us, Once both pauls arrived we chatted for a while and decided it would be best to head on into the hedbury quarry where it would be a little more sheltered from the wind. While walking in I was trying not to notice the big black wave of cloud heading our way. Whe arrived at the quarry and I was very suprised has to how many other climbers were out, we headed straight into the far end where all the lower graded routes lied, we climbed all the routes there in the rain which made them that little more interesting, I also traditionally climbed one of the grade 5 sport routes which was really nice using the natural rock rather than the bolts, Paul also managed to do is first outdoor lead today so a big well done to him. Also a big well done to the other paul for finally ticking moral flexibility.
The rain got a bit to heavy and the climbing became a bit dangerous so we decided to call it a day, I spent a short while after showing paul how to takes rope coils and use the italian hitch which he seemed to pick up pretty quick.
All in all even though it rained most of the day it was still nice to get out climbing, roll on next week when I am off to take Paul on his first alpine trip.... fingers crossed for good weather.

Paul on "Sea View"with a diffrent start from the original route.

Paul on "Sea View"with a diffrent start from the original route.

Paul on "Moral Flexibility"

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