Sunday, 1 May 2011

Neil Armstrong

After finally getting enough skin on the end of my fingers again after the recent Font trip I was able to get out climbing again this weekend, I met up with Scott, Nic and Phil on Friday for a spot of bolt clipping at winspit, Having not been there for a year or so I was really looking forward to it, I wasn't planning on getting anything hard done I was just looking to have a nice chilled day out with some good company, In the end it turned out to be a good day with me and Phil both onsighting a 6b+ called "Restless Heart" then I redpointed a 6c called" Things that make you go Hmmm". Phil then went on to climb "Ancient order of the freemarbles" 7a. We then spent the rest of the day getting some mileage in on some of the classic 6a+ routes on the south face.

Today I headed back to the cuttings to try and get the tick on Neil Armstrong, I had been trying it just before the font trip but didn't have much success after feeling tired and weak, Today I felt strong and was hoping to get it put to bed, anyway after a few attempts I finally managed to get the route climbed clean, I was pretty happy with this has its the first time Ive managed to climb a V6, after a little rest I then went on to smash a V7 called "Grafenberg". This didn't feel too hard other than the Mantle, I think my height may have made the route a little easier. I finished the day off with a few lower V grade routes before heading home.

Now to look forward to a day at paultons park with the family tomorrow before the depressing return to work syndrome....

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