Sunday, 15 May 2011

The start of something big...

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the owner of the company I work for informing me that one of his Friends Paul was going to attempt to climb Everest next year... Ok I said... then he continued on to tell me that he had never done any type of climbing before... I was then asked if I would go to the alps with Paul and take him on a few climbs to let him know what he was getting himself into.. I agreed to meet up with Paul and take him for a days climbing to Swanage first before I ventured into the mountains with him.

Today we met up down a durlston in swanage, We were also joined by Scott and Will, We headed down to Cattle Troughs to do a little training with Paul on different types of knots and techniques to help in progress and get a better understanding of the climbing world.
Paul seemed to pick up everything very quickly, We also manged to get loads of low grade routes climbed which he also done brilliantly considering this was is first time out on rock.
I feel a little bit happier now to take Paul on a small trip to the french alps for a taster of what to expect in the near future.
He is also booked onto a training week in July in chamonix with a potential summit bid on Mont Blanc with should also give him some idea has to what he has let himself in for. He is then moving on to try and climb Cho oyu in September before moving onto Everest early next year.

I think he has a big mission ahead of him and I Wish him the best of luck with his challenge, You can follow Paul on his own personal page at

I would like to thank Scott and Will for there help today...cheers guys.

Scott Showing Paul how to use a prussik whilst abseiling

Paul abseiling into Cattle Troughs

Paul abseiling into Cattle Troughs

Will on" Bunnys Wall" VS 5a

Will on" Bunnys Wall" VS 5a

Paul on" Bunnys Wall" VS 5a

Paul on "Bunnys Wall" VS 5a

Scott on" Bunnys Wall" VS 5a  

Will on "Old lags corner" VS 5a

Paul on "Old lags corner" VS 5a

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