Sunday, 9 June 2013


There's a daunting feeling when your abseiling into the depths of the promenade, its almost as if the cliff face swallows you and makes you feel you've been transformed into a different world, the walls are steep, the rock is in great condition and the with waves crashing close by its got to be one of the best sport climbing venues on the south coast.

Phil had is heart set on having a look at the "Rise of the Robots". A really steep route with some very dynamic moves put this 7c up there with the best of them, after putting the clips in place and having one little play, he decided to go for it, I belayed him while his worked his way across the roof, as he moved into the crux and made the dynamic move to the break I could see he was tiring, he made the move and with a loud scream managed to stick it, a few shouts of encouragement from me and drew and some impressive climbing see him clip the lower off, I got to say it was probably one of the most impressive bits of climbing I've seen in a long time and this boy is defiantly getting strong.

Myself and drew climbed a nice 6b+ called "titter ye not Mrs" the start was very steep but had good holds, with the top having to off the worst rock overs Ive ever experience, one taking allot skin of my legs.

I then Tried a 7a+ called "two tickets to a gun show". a line that took an overhanging arĂȘte, the crux was low and after trying a few ways around it I ran out of steam and blew my onsight, I eventually made it past the crux and carried on up the route with the top half being fairly simple, by this time I was pretty tired and with a slight twinge in my right shoulder I called it a day, I will need to get back down there and get this finished.

Drew also tried it but seemed to have the same problem as me, Phil jumped on and also came foul to the crux, but after working it out he lowered to ground then went for it and gained the tick.
We decided to call it a day as time was getting on and the waves were getting closer, we ended the day with a nice pint and some chips down in the Swanage town.

Another amazing days climbing in a great setting with amazing friends.....

Not a bad place to grow

Drew abbing into the playground

Warming up on the flair trail

Drew on the flair trail

pretty steep "titter ye not mrs"

Phil moving into the crux of "Rise of the robots" 7c

Me on "titter ye not mrs"

Me on the crux moves of "two tickets to a gun show" 7a+

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