Sunday, 16 June 2013

Blackers Quarry

I took a stroll down to a new area today to see what it had to offer, It had only just been re bolted so I wanted to see what it was like. We parked at Langton house carpark and made the walk down, this was made a little interesting by the poor route finding from Phil who some how managed to take us through a wood of stinging nettles, thorn bushes and snakes but we eventually made it to the crag, the walk down was a climb in so its not a child friendly area.

The routes consisted of pretty steep roofs, I wasn't too impressed at the quality of the rock and the tops looked so dangerous, Phil and drew jumped on a short 7b and had a play, they could'nt seem to work the crux section so called it off, me and James Jumped on a cool looking 7a+ that went up a steep corner with overhangs, the route was nice climbing but spoilt by the condition of rock and loose sections.. after this I wasn't happy to try any of the other climbs as it just didn't feel safe, In the alps on a big route id probably take the chance but a sport route in Swanage is no way worth the risk.

The rest of the guys decided to head to dancing ledge but due to time I had off. Although not allot climbing had it was still nice to get out, one thing gained from today is that I know not to visit this crag again...

Looking Into Blackors Hole

Strong winds today.. promenade out of reach

Vera playing with her new camera

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