Sunday, 5 February 2012

Southern Soul

With temperatures being cold today a few of us headed over to Portland for some bouldering at the cuttings, We made our way down to the Atlantis boulder, there were a few problems here up to grade of V4 which we had never tried, we warmed up on a nice V1 called "Genedefekt" and although only a V1 it had a nasty little start to it that needed some working out, we then moved on and managed to get all the routes on the boulder sent including the nice V4 "waiting for the day to end".
Close by was the classic Portland boulder problem "Southern Soul" , although its only graded at V4 its a pretty tough problem, a slopey lip traverse with a sequence of heel hooks and power, Ive always wanted to do this and never really got round to trying it, we jumped on it all taking it in turns to work the right technique out, Phil being Phil and already done it before just cruised it making it look easy, was good to see but made us all feel a little weak, anyway persistence payed off and I managed to send the route, was pretty happy with this. Drew and James tried a few more times but were unable to complete it, certainly one for them to come back for.
Lunch was up so we headed to the Toll booth boulder to eat before Phil could try the V5 "Doogy howser gets VD" after a couple of goes he managed to get the tick, I also managed to onsight the V3 to left of this called "Doogy howser gets laid", this was a nice problem.
Next up we headed to the nice tree boulder where Liquid sunshine is, this is a tough V8 that Phil wanted to try. me, drew and James jumped on "Rain dodging" V3 and the V4 "A bracing dampness", I managed to get them both sent, both really good problems. Phil jumped on the V6 "pinky Power" and after few attempt managed to send the route, this was a pretty impressive especially knowing how hard the starting moves are.

A really enjoyable day out today, its also got me pretty pchyed to get down there as much as possible this year and get some of the harder routes done.

Drew on "Southern Soul"

Me on "Southern Soul"

Phil on "Southern Soul"

Me sending "Sother Soul" V4

Drew attempting "Doogy howser gets laid"

Phil sending " Doogy Howser gets VD" V5

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