Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Eiger Monch traverse Plans

Next Wednesday I'm heading out to Grindlewald for four days to try and complete the Mitillegi Ridge and the Monch Traverse, Although Ive already climbed the Mitillegi ridge before I am really looking forward to it again, this time though rather than just descending down the south western ridge back to the Monch hut I am going to try and continue on up on the North east ridge of the monch and over the summit of the monch back down to the hut, obviously this is all going to depend on conditions, weather and any mishaps which may occur along the way, this is going to be pretty demanding and we are going to have to move pretty quick to get the route completed, I have been training pretty hard over the past few months and I'm felling pretty fit and strong I also have a good strong partner so lets hope all goes to plan....

Eiger-Monch Traverse

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