Thursday, 18 August 2011

The wildest dream

Around four months ago I was introduced to guy called Paul Keleher. Paul had a dream to go from never climbing anything to climbing to the summit of Everest within a year, at first I was a little surprised and conscious of his ambitions and concerned that he wasn't sure what he was letting himself in for, I was asked if I would spend some time with Paul teaching him how to climb and giving him all the necessary skills he required to venture into the mountains, I am no ueli steck or a qualified instructor but I still felt I could at least give Paul some insight into mountaineering and a good understanding of the skills required to live out his dream. Ive spent the last few months climbing with Paul in the alps, at the Dorset sea cliffs and also down the local wall, we have had two small successful alpine trips managing to climb routes such as the cosmiques arete, pointe lachenal and the forbes arete. The forbes arete was a real test for Paul with some 18hrs of solid alpine climbing due to bad weather which really put him to the test. Paul has since then gone on to complete a ten day training course in the alps with adventure consultants to learn more skills and techniques to becoming a successful mountaineer.

Me Paul and Scott Bivying at the foot of the Forbes Arete
On August 27th Paul is leaving for the Himalayas for six weeks to attempt to climb the sixth highest mountain in the world Cho Oyo. this mountain stands at a massive 8201metres (26906ft) and ain't going to be easy, this is going to be a real test for Paul which will need fitness and pure determination which getting to know Paul quite well I know he has.  This will also give him a good idea of what altitude is all about and also see if his body can physically handle it before his attempt on Everest come next March.
Hopefully when Paul returns he will still be thriving a thirsty for more, I'm sure we will have many winter trips together which i look forward too, then come March Paul will be going back to the Himalayas to attempt the highest mountain in the world. Mount Everest stands at 8848metres above sea level, that 29029ft, the height where it is impossible for the human body to survive. He will be tested beyond belief and pushed to the utter limits of human nature before hopefully setting foot on the highest point on earth.

Mount Everest 8848m (29029ft)

Although This is a massive challenge I strongly believe he can do this, I've come to learn that Paul is a quick learner and listens to everything you tell him, he is very strong in body and mind and has the drive and determination to achieve anything he sets his mind on, he also a nice guy with a big heart and I am happy to have met him and now have him has a Friend, I'm sure we will climb many routes and mountains together in the future.

Whilst doing these climbs he is also trying to do an amazing thing by raising money for two charities, help for heroes and the Alexander Devine Children's Hospice. This is going to be an amazing achievement for him and his family if he pulls this off. Im sure he is going to go through hell at getting this done so I urge all of you my Friends to take a look at his web pages and see what you think, if your amazed at what he has achieved so far and what he is doing then please show your support by sponsoring him, remember every little penny counts and it will also show Paul that he has Friends and family behind him to get him to the top of the world....

You can follow Paul on his blog which is at or his personal website which is  you will also be able to find a link on here to his online sponsoring page.

I personally want to say a big good luck to Paul and well done mate on your training and achievements so far and remember mate keep safe at all times, the mountain will always be there...

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