Sunday, 4 September 2011

Cheddar Gorge pump

A few of us headed to chedder for some fun bolt clipping, Ive only ever climbed here once before and wasnt long before I realised how diffrent it was to Swanage and Portland, We warmed on on a few easy 5's and 6's at the Arch rock area, Paul managed to get his intended route "The ripple" 6a ticked on his second attempt which he was pretty happy about, I really enjoyed the 6a along side this called "Big Bingel productions". We then moved on up the gorge to an area called the wave, this was called the wave for a reason, the face was very steep, intimadating and overhanging, the guys introduced me to a route called "psycho-babble" a classic tough 6b+, anyway I decided to give it a go, I didnt get to far before I had to rest on the clip, the route felt really strenuos and made me realise that I need to work on my strengh before I can get this route ticked, I managed to push on though and make it to the lower off, I was dissapointed that I wasnt strong enough but now I think about it I am quite happy because I now have a motivation for training hard and getting back on this route and getting the tick.
Phil managed to get a good 7a onsight on another steep route in the wave area called "raw Deal", the top section looked pretty hard but phil seems to be climbing really well lately and crushing most routes in the low 7's.

The steep pumpy "Psycho-Babble"

The steep pumpy "Psycho-Babble"

Phil on his Onsight of "Raw Deal" 7a

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