Sunday, 17 July 2011

6c+ onsight

No Pictures to show for today's climbing but still a good day all in all, Myself and Phil headed over to Portland to battle the winds and rain and try and get some bolts clipped, we headed into the battleship area to realise that the routes were soaked and wind way to strong to do any climbing, So we decided to head over to cuttings to find some shelter and dry rock, we arrived at the new cuttings and the routes seemed fine, it was mad, we went from one side of Portland in goretex with wind and rain, to the other side with beautiful sunshine and shirts off... we warmed up on some easy routes before jumping on the technical 7a called "tipping the scales", Phil managed to get the tick but I was unable to link one move...gutted.
In the afternoon we headed back over to battleship to try and get on our intended routes, all the routes seemed to have dried out and apart from the wind the weather was fine, so I jumped straight on "Judge Jeffrey's". The climbing was amazing, a little pumpy but found a good rest half way up, after a few grunts and a long last bolt run out i clipped the bolts to get the 6c+ onsight...happy days.
Phil was up next, he decided to try "On the wall" a hard sustained 7a+, he work the route for a while on top rope before going for his redpoint, he moved up the route and clipped the top with no worries at all...well done mate.

Overall a good days climbing with some good ticks, I really enjoyed it at this area and cant wait to get back there to try lead "Trance Dancer"...

I dont have any pictures from today but heres one of my amazing lady during her dance show... Well done babe and congrats on a great show...

Sarah during her Dance performance at the Pavillion theatre Bournemouth

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