Sunday, 6 February 2011

Kandersteg... First Impressions

After a long night of traveling we arrived in Kandersteg, some of the routes looked pretty thin but plenty still climbable, After a little unpacking and getting excited it wasnt long before we were kitted up a walking in to our first route, we headed into the Oeschinenwald area where their were plenty of routes to choose from, Rob and Pete headed of to climb the first pitches of "Reise ins reich der Eiszwerge", myself and Scott ended up getting on an un-named route which looked pretty cool, the climbing was pretty steep but not to hard, due to starting out late in the day we were only able to do the first few pitches...still a good warm up though...

"Un-Named route" WI5

 "Reise ins reich der Eiszwerge" WI5

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