Sunday, 13 January 2013

Tick fest..

Another Awesome day in the boulderfeild on my quest to tick all recorded problems there, today I managed to send 14 more which wasnt to bad.. also had a go at an amazing V7 called "Declassified", probably a contender for best V7 on the island.. I headed in with Phil and Drew and they also managed to get some good ticks, Phil managed to send " Neil Armstrong" and came very close to getting "Declassified", There were loads more cool ticks with a few V6's and 5s and plenty more in the lower V grades.
Overall was a perfect day, lots of laughs, banter and good climbing, so psyched now to get back down there and start on the harder problems..

Me ticking the one move wonder "Smoking Joe" V6
Phil working "Declassified" V7
Phil working "Declassified" V7
Drew sending "Silent Hill" V4, one of the toughest..
Drew on "Neil Armstrong" V6
Phil on "Neil Armstrong" V6
Phil on "The Fly" V5

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