Sunday, 21 October 2012


Another weekend, another trip to the boulderfield, this time paul was unable to join us due to a family crisis so I headed in with a newbie to climbing George, We were also joined by my little alisha, photographer and worlds best eater. We headed to a boulder I hadnt visited before called the Atlantis boulder, I warmed up on a couple of easy V2's there before jumping on a really cool looking traverse called "Harmageddon". It took along time to work a sequence out to move along the start of the problem,either i was missing something or it felt pretty tough for V4, after working it out I attempted my redpoint, halfway along the route i slapped for a hold and somehow managed to take a big slice from my finger, this was the end of my climbing for today.. Felt pretty annoyed at the fact I didnt manage to get the route but I am pretty psyched to get back down and get it clean... next time.. George had a good day and done well considering it was his first time in rock shoes, think hes now realised lifting weights and being ripped means nothing when it comes to hanging onto a rock.

More training and less cakes this weeke should hopefully see the tick next weekend..


George getting to grips with "Harmageddon"

Hard sequence on "Harmageddon

Onsight of "Soulful"  Photo:Alisha Harris

Crazyman George on an epic sea crossing
"Harmageddon"  Photo:Alisha Harris

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