Sunday, 6 November 2011

Autumn has arrived

Blue skies and a cold autumns breeze greeted us today has we headed to guilimot Swanage, It was defiantly a day for the synthetic to come out of the wardrobe but has soon has we got round to the cliff top and out of the brisk wind the weather was perfect. Sunny and cold... There were quite a few of us out today, I was going to climb with Paul and stick to some easy stuff due to my recent injury, Phil was teamed up with Alan and Paul, James and Andre climbed in a three, these guys geared up and headed off to climb the steep corner of Zo Zo, Phil and Alan headed down to climb Mistaken identity and myself and Paul headed down to Ledgend, This was Paul's first time into guilimot so I decided to let him get used to it on something easy. Anyway we climbed on up Ledgend with no problems at all. We then headed on back down to climb tensor II, this is a nice VS5a that I've climbed many times before but thought it would be nice for Paul to have a go, Anyway we climbed on up with no problems, Paul did have a bit of bother trying to remove a cam from under the roof section but with determination and strength he managed to pull on through,although my injury was giving me grief the second pitch went smoothly with some really nice climbing. we both safely arrived at the top just in time for some lunch, Phil and Alan had just got back of yellow wall and the others were making there way up ledgend.

Time was running out so we decided to call it a day and head on home, Overall a really nice days climbing with some nice company.

Pitch 1 of Ledgend

The cake monster!

Abbing into Guilimot Swanage

Paul coming up the second pitch of Tensor II

Sillouitte of a fat man

Phil Finishing of "Vampire Direct" E1

Swanage sunset

The end to a good day

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