Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Exciting times ahead

Feeling a bit pissed lately with my recent finger injury hasn't been to good but things are now starting to look good for the near future, The 2012 Denali trip is now in the process of being put together, a team of us are planning on heading out to the remote mountains in Alaska to attempt Mount McKinley, we are looking at heading out around mid May to Mid June giving us enough time to hopefully complete the West Buttress route and possible another more difficult line on the mountain. There is going to be lots of planning and training involved in the build up but hopefully allot of hard work and commitment from us all should have its rewards. The training seems to be going really well at the moment, I'm managing to get lots of miles in running and I'm feeling pretty strong. Must not forget winter is around the corner too and this year I'm really psyched for some hard routes. Ive been training for a while now on the tools with some simple daily pull ups on the axes, fingers crossed weather will be good this weekend so I can head down to the chalk and get some proper training in.
There is also talks and plans for a January trip to Norway for some ice so Hopefully by then I should be strong enough and ready to get some tough classic routes ticked off.

The Coldest Mountain in the World - Mt McKinley

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