Friday, 17 October 2014

Psyche is high...

Psyche seems to be at its all time high of late, with weather not being too bad Ive been making the most of it, the last few weeks have days out have been to Winspit, Ive been getting loads of mileage in gaining back stamina that's been lost over the summer, then working the odd harder line, I also decided to test my composure by  Soloing the 6a route “Tend my Daisy” a little scary but a much better climb without a rope..( Video below ). I tried a tough 7a last week called “Thought you had it”. Such a nice line, it took me some time to work the crux out but now have it, due to a long tiring day I was unable to finish, fingers crossed I will manage the tick this weekend. Lets hope the weather gods are on our side so we can get out again and get some climbing done…

Be aware.. there are monkeys on the loose

Dan on "Hot Beef injection" 6b

Ben on "Hot Beef injection" 6b

Ben on "Hot Beef injection" 6b

Ben on "Gorilla tactics" 6c

Ben on "Gorilla tactics" 6c

Me on "thought you had it" 7a

Moving into the crux on "Thought you had it" 7a

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