Sunday, 19 January 2014

Agonies of a dying mind

Despite all the rain this week I was determined to get out again this weekend, The psyche is running high at the moment so I need to take advantage of that, and I pretty shocked that I seem to find myself enjoying clipping bolts..
Myself and Dan headed back to Winspit in the hope of finding some dry rock to climb, I was pretty keen to get on last weeks unfinished route but was let down when arriving at the bottom to find water dripping down it. The route Dan wanted to try was also wet, so we headed around the area in the sun and warmed up on some easier lines. After having a look through the guide book we decided to have ago at a route called "Agonies of a dying mind". The route is graded at 7a with a V4/5 start. Dan jumped on first and despite a good effort was unable to unlock the no feet start.
After a short while it started to rain so we decided to have some lunch and shelter under a large overhang, the rain soon passed so I tied in a gave it a go, It felt hard and the holds were not the best considering you pretty much start from a campus position, after a few attempts I eventually managed to pull through the start and get established on the main wall, I continued up the route soon becoming aware that the rest of the line was no harder than 6a, I eventually clipped the lower off and claimed the redpoint.
Dan had another go and came pretty close but was unable to pull it off..
with most other routes seeping wet we decided to call it a day, packing up we bumped into Scott Titt, the president of the BMC, we walked out from the crag having a good chat about climbing and future ideas, I also slipped in about getting support to try climb K2, Scott not being a lover of mountaineering soon shut me down..
Another awesome day out.. all I can say is roll on next weekend!

Dan moving through the easy climbing on "Agonies of a dying mind" 7a

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