Monday, 23 September 2013

Lightning Strikes

A good days bouldering today with Phil & Drew down at the cuttings, after climbing a fairly easy new line set by Ben stokes we headed to try Drew's project "Lightning Strikes" he came come close to sending it today but a picked up a slight finger injury so decided to call it, Phil had an awesome day sending Lightning Strikes V7, Relativity V6 and coming close to ticking the boulderfeilds classic Liqaud Sunshine, I can close to Relativity and had a little play on LS but didn't manage to get it, Il be back next weekend though for another play, a little more training and hopefully il get it ticked..

Drew on "Lightning Strikes" V7

Drew on "Lightning Strikes" V7

Phil on "Lightning Strikes" V7

Me on "relativity" V6

Phil Belcher


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