Saturday, 2 April 2011

Afternoon Fun at portland

After struggling with flu the past few weeks my climbing hasn't been too good, plenty of feeling weak moments and failing on problems I normally cruise up down craggy I was feeling pretty shit. Sitting down today watching sharma on dreamcatcher suddenly sparked a bit of energy in me giving me an urge to shoot over to the cutting for the afternoon. Driving over I was wondering whether I was doing the right thing, still bunged up and aching like a fifty year old might not work for me today. Anyway me and Alisha arrived at the cuttings, I had forgotten the guidebook so decided to head to a V4 called "In Ya Face", I hadn't tried it before but had seen Phil onsight it earlier on in the year, anyway after loosing some skin and a few failed attempts I managed to get the tick.. We then move on round to the tank boulder where I managed to onsight another V4 called "crouching start,hidden agenda" this was a really cool route. I then completed a few easy V2 before deciding I had lost enough blood for one day..  A good afternoon all in all, was nice to spend some time with my little one and also nice to know I may be getting over this flu Shit! 

all Pictures of me are taken by my 7yr old daughter Alisha.....

"In Ya Face" V4  

"In Ya Face" V4

"In Ya Face" V4

"In Ya Face" V4

Alisha bouldering a V0-

"Captain Cook" V2

"Crouching Start, Hidden agenda" V4

Alisha with Chissel Beach behind

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