Sunday, 31 October 2010

Winter training starts...

With winter on the horizon and a proposed trip to Kandersteg in Febuary Ive decided its time to start training with the tools, with the tides being good Myself, Scott and Will decided to head down to Saltdean on Wednesday evening for a spot of chalk bouldering, Rob was down there with some other guys that I haven't met before but they all seemed pretty cool, We decided to play in the pleasure dome area, I hadn't been here before and was pretty surprised at how much steeper it was to the chalk I'm used to climbing on, eager to get started I got geared up. I warmed up by traversing along at low level which be honest was really hurting my hands, so I decided to take five and get some shots of the guys. Scott and Rob were playing in this big overhanging cave which looked awesome.. I headed over and had a go, there was a line which came from the back of the roof with a big reach to the lip of the overhang, you then need a fig4 with a crazy swing to get established on the overhang. was pretty cool but also scary because there was pretty big lumps of chalk a few inches below that would probably hurt should you fall.. After a fair few attempt I was still unable to complete the route, Will also came close but didn't succeed but Scott did mange to complete the route which was pretty awesome.. overall I had a great evening with the guys... and look forward to next time.
I plan on heading down there once a week so hopefully I should be pretty strong come winter and hopefully manage to lead grade 6 this year....oh shit nearly forgot, I need to buy some Nomics, there flipping mutts nuts!

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