Saturday, 3 July 2010

Candys pit - new routes and Possible first Ascent

Some photos of a new line myself and phil have put up and both climbed. we headed to a local forest in portsmouth where there is an overhanging 25metre wall of chalk, we are not 100% sure if these lines have been climbed before but due to the nature of the chalk and the danger of how loose the top section is it would be very suprising if they have. we manged to climb one line to the full height of the face, we have called this "Dont look up" and given it a fair grade of C8. there is another line to the left of the cave that I attempted, this is a little harder and very thin on axe placements, i managed to make my way up and over the cave but my axe ripped out taking with it a vital placement for the next move....A route for next time I guess.

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